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We’re a global paintball & airsoft park digital marketing agency that works differently because we’re built differently.

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  • Creative

    Unleashed Creativity

    Whatever your creative needs, we’ve got you covered: we’ll work with you and your team to create, experiment, and scale your digital ad creative to drive high LTV audiences across all digital channels.

  • Digital Ads

    Go To Market

    Digital marketing is our testing ground for learning more about your audience and delivering effective advertising.

    As experts in paid search, we aim to be an extension of our client’s businesses, going beyond CTRs and CPCs to understand the metrics that matter most to your business. We rebuild entire accounts into the most granular structure to deliver a personalized user experience across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Social Media, and Shopping Ads.

    We work closely with your team to produce engaging digital ads across all social channels including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit and Quora. We support your business in everything from ad creation to conversion tracking, building audiences large enough for statistically relevant data insights and meaningful optimizations, and granular enough to deliver the most relevant message that will resonate with your audience.

    We can deliver an effective programmatic strategy across the entire marketing funnel: from high-impact video ads reaching large audiences to personalized retargeting ads driving conversions. We maintain a robust system to ensure ads are only shown in relevant placements and ensure you own your data with full cost transparency.

    We help our clients develop technically sound websites, content that speaks to their audience, and robust brand signals through our consultative approach to scientific SEO. Together, we’ll formulate a plan to achieve your goals and find out exactly which local SEO changes on your website are driving your organic traffic up.

    Conversion rate optimization is a proven framework for understanding why some users convert and, more importantly, why others don’t. There is no one-size-fits-all approach; our strategy is designed in close consultation with you to ensure that we are always optimizing your key metrics, with an emphasis on collecting granular data to gain a holistic understanding of the user journey.

  • Strategy

    We’re About People

    Experimenting and learning are the foundation of science. Science is what brings creativity and business together in the modern age of digital advertising.

    We start with a challenge: how do we generate the big ideas that can transform your business? With a solid database, we can turn ideas into hypotheses, follow the scientific method, and test, test, test. When our experiences reach statistical significance, we can then activate our insights to see the true business impact.

    To support your marketing, we have developed our expertise in these key capabilities.

    Data measurement
    Digital channels
    Data Science

  • Consulting

    Growth By Design

    It all starts with your customer. The first step is to understand who they are, what they want, and how to reach them.

    Then, we plan your strategic digital marketing roadmap, backed by a strong Data Measurement Framework (OKR), to determine what success looks like for you.

    From there, we run large-scale experiments on paid search, paid social, programmatic, local SEO, and CRO.

    We analyze your data and perform the most experiments with the aim of maximizing revenue and profit (ROAS).

Google Ads + SEO + YouTube + Social

"Geoklix provides incredible value, an amazing team, awesome results."

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Google Ads

Google Ads + SEO + Social

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Dion Dersarkissian

President of Pinky's Iron Doors

Google Ads + SEO + Social

"Geolix brings amazing value to our business."

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Media Relations, Allure Events & Catering

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